Our Programs

Will & Way CEC is proud to provide the following programs to build individuals through Non-Profit and Leadership Advancement, Financial Literacy, along with Personal Development & Growth.

The Meaningful Mission Book Club

The Meaningful Mission Book Club was established with the aim of nurturing a community of individuals committed to intentional actions, fostering positivity, support, and personal development in a natural and organic manner. Rather you’re an avid reader or someone that simply desires to be in the company of others that desires to grow and develop, this is a club that welcomes you!

Non-Profit Development Program (NPDP)

The Non-Profit Development Program (NPDP) is a hands-on workshop that will cover many topics and require actionable next steps for all participants to successfully launch their organization. NPDP will support you as you develop and mold your idea, passion and you’re your pain into purpose.

NPDP-LIVE Webinar + Q & A

Are you interested in the Non-Profit Development Program? We recommend you join our next NPDP-LIVE Webinar + Q & A!.This LIVE 30-minute webinar will discuss the benefits of creating a Non-Profit Organization and how to maximize the 501(c)3 tax exemption status. During this 7-session course, we will teach you how to use your gifts, talents, skills, abilities, passion to create change and make an impact within the community you seek to serve.

Board Member Fundamentals

The Non-Profit Development Program (NPDP) is a hands-on workshop that will cover many topics and require actionable next steps for all participants. NPDP will support you as you develop and mold your idea, passion, and purpose.

Grant Fundamentals

Are you looking for Grants to help fund your Non-Profit Organization or a business but don’t know where to start? This course will show you how to look up Grants, where to find them and also learn the basic Do’s & Don’ts of grants! Grant Fundamentals will groom you with the basics of grants.

Financial Literacy: 5 Pillars of Financial Strength

There are 5 Pillars of Financial Strength. Many times, an individual may be solid in one and not the other. This program outlines each Pillar of Financial Strength and provide solutions to solidify each pillar; thus, giving you a solid financial foundation.

Personal Development & Growth course

Your organization and business will only go as far as your personal exposure. There’s a whole new world that you have yet to see! Once the veil is removed from your eyes, not only will your organization and business grow, but you will see a change in your personal life and the people around you will see your growth as well. Life is tough, but so are you! This course will improve your perspective of life and encourage you to see challenges as puzzles, not problems. We are sure you will leave this course encouraged/inspired, having a positive outlook on life and ready to jump back to your goals with fresh ideas.

Financial Literacy: Life Insurance Fundamentals

Did you know you can utilize the money from your life insurance while living? Yes! You heard that right! There are living benefits available and many more perks of life insurance. The Life Insurance Fundamentals course will educate you on the basics of Life Insurance. It is affordable and the sooner you begin, the sooner your future can be secured. Together, we can eliminate GoFund me funerals! Rather you are married or unwed, with or without children, you MUST have life insurance; you owe it to yourself and your family. Ready to level up your life and secure your financial future?

CLICK HERE to schedule a free-no-cost session with our partner Appreciation Financial, to learn more!

Financial Literacy: Planning for Retirement

Did you know that by the year 2035 Social Security will only have enough funds to cover 79% of your proposed retirement pension? The term “Fixed Income” will have an entirely new meaning. If you haven’t begun preparing for your retirement, do not fret! We have partnered with multi-State licensed professionals that can support you with securing your financial future! It doesn’t matter if you are self-employed, work a 9-5 or a business owner. If you have yet to begin saving for retirement, the time is now!

CLICK HERE to schedule a free-no-cost session with our partner Appreciation Financial, to learn more!

Grants Advanced + Grant Writing

You’ve learned about the Fundamentals of Grants and are ready to take it up a notch. 80% of successful grants are a result of the recipient being grant ready, only 20% effort is required for grant writing! Most people look for grants and focus solely on how much they can receive, without asking the question “Is my organization/business grant ready?” The Grants Advance course picks up where the fundamentals left off; this course prepares you so your organization/business will become grant ready and provide you the tools to successfully write a grant!

Business Credit Advanced

If you had it, what would you buy with $10k, $30k or $50k for your business? You can go from $0 up to $10k in business credit with strategic planning and the click of a button!

There are many opportunities available for your organization/business when you have a solid business credit portfolio. You can fund your business with “OPM”, Other Peoples Money! Jump in on the Business Credit Advanced course and learn how you can get a vehicle in your business name without using your personal social security number!!

Business Credit Fundamentals

Now that you have your EIN, do you know the next steps to establish your business credit? Don’t use your social security number for your business, you are working backwards if you do! This course will teach you the basics of business credit. You’ll learn what D&B, Net30, PG and Tradelines are. Also, the tools to grow your business credit in 30-90 days PLUS the name of business that lend to those who are building their business credit.

NPDP Advanced

Have you begun your non-profit journey and found yourself overwhelmed and in need of assistance and guidance? Are your Board Members MIA? Are you in compliance by filing your 990 form? Have you paid your Secretary of State fees for the year? Its important to connect with a mentor and receive support, as it is necessary to get to the next level!

We have group support to get you back on track and get your organization moving! Staying focused on the mission at hand and being exposed to new resources available to you is just the thing you need to make the impact in your community the way you initially intended to do.

Join NPDP Level II – Group Support & Mentoring Program to further excel your organization by emailing: NPDP@WeServeVA.org

Foundational Leadership Summit (FLS)

This program offers education and tools that will support you to becoming an effective leader. FLS provides a solid foundation for leading your organization with great success!